Homework done, life ruined?

I’m late in gathering my thoughts, so by now you’ve probably already heard or read about Allen Lee, the student who was arrested based on the contents of a paper he was required to write by his English teacher. Not only did the teacher assign Allen this task, but also said “there will be no judgment and no censorship”. What a load of crap that was. No judgment… other than I’ll call the police if what you write scares me. Allen now faces not one, but two misdemeanor counts of “disorderly conduct”. For writing. When he was told to write. Not only that, but the Marine Corps (which he previously enlisted in) has told him he’s no longer welcome. For writing. Does Stephen King goes through this kind of shit? No. He can be as disturbing as he likes. He’s a professional. But amateur writers, and especially students, beware. You have no more First Amendment. It’s gone out the window in an insane over-reaction to an isolated incident which is now over. You now, apparently, can be arrested and charged with crimes for what you write. This country is rapidly going down the shithole. The terrorists are winning, and it’s our fearless fearful leaders who are doing the job for them.

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