Solipsism: my new religion?

I consider myself to be a pretty smart guy. Above average. Some people consider me very smart. I’ve never met an IQ (or ASVAB) test that didn’t like me. According to tests I’m a genius, and capable of doing anything. I even show aptitude for things I hate. But in reality, there are some things I just cannot wrap my head around at all.
Quantum mechanics is one of those things. It strikes me as being more religion than science. Of course, those who “get it” tell me that’s just because I don’t understand. Problem is, that’s what religious people tell me about their beliefs, too. Still, I enjoy reading about layman’s descriptions of quantum theory, and so when I saw this Slashdot article about how reality isn’t may not be there when we’re not looking, I couldn’t help but think that the quantum folks have just gone and proved solipsism to be right.

To quote Physics Web:

They found that, just as in the realizations of Bell’s thought experiment, Leggett’s inequality is violated – thus stressing the quantum-mechanical assertion that reality does not exist when we’re not observing it.

Or to quote 2NU:

I think the lights go out every time I blink, and come back on again when I open my eyes. So if the lights ever start to flicker, you’ll know I’m out of my blink sync.

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