Penguicon, to be continued

5.0 is over. Can’t wait to see what niftyness awaits us with 6.0 next year. I closed the con out with a panel on Creative Commons & Giving Your Stuff Away For Free (or some such title) that wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but was informative and entertaining nonetheless. I found out that there’s an International Pixel Stained Techno Peasant day tomorrow in response to the Hendrix “webscabs” comment I recently blogged about. I’m looking forward to seeing all of that. I also attended Making The Most Of The Web, which talked about a whole lot of things I already knew, and a couple I didn’t. The guy running that panel created a group for it, so that you too can see some of the web tools we talked about. On my way out the door, csixty4 found me, and said hi. I always think it’s tremendously cool when a realspace stranger says “You’re Wolfger?”. I’m glad I made a point of finding and commenting on some Penguicon blog entries every night. Pictures to come in the near future.

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