Why Virginia Tech?

No links here… if you haven’t heard about the mass murder committed at Virginia Tech yesterday, you must have been cut off from electricity entirely. Go to CNN, and you’ll get a dozen or so links to follow, including at least 4 videos.

Now what ticks me off is that these shootings, which are incredibly rare, inevitably bring out the gun control crowd, talking about how this wouldn’t happen if we’d just take the guns away. These people are obviously unfamiliar with the likes of Jack the Ripper and Al Queda. They also overlook one simple fact, that the newspapers, radio, and television never seem to latch on to. These shootings always occur at places where guns (or weapons of any sort) are forbidden. I have never heard of anybody killing anybody else at a gun show. Or a firing range. Schools, which have a well know zero-tolerance policy for weapons, are the primary targets of these incidents, followed closely by the workplace… another weapon-unfriendly area.

I submit to you that if the state of Virgina allows citizens to obtain “concealed carry” permits (I don’t know if they do or not), and if Virginia Tech allows students to carry firearms in a lawful manner, the death toll would, at the very least, be smaller. But when a determined gunman walks onto a campus full of defenseless students, the results are devastating. I’m frankly surprised the body count wasn’t higher. It could have been. Making guns illegal would not stop situations like this at all. Guns have always been, and always will be, available on the black market. Yes, even in our “go down to K-Mart and buy a rifle” culture, there’s a market for illegal weapons. Why? Because we already have some degree of gun control, and only the law abiding people are affected by it. Those intent upon doing harm will always find a way. Like box cutters on a 747. Or anthrax in an envelope. Your government can not protect you. I know that’s scary as hell, but wrap your brain around it. If a disgruntled co-worker or fellow student walks up to you, armed and with murderous intent, no amount of dialing 911 will save you. Or the person next to you. Your safety is entirely up to you. And there’s a lot of people out there who want to rob you of that ability. Like Virginia Tech.

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  • "gunner"  On April 18, 2007 at 7:56 am

    excellent comment wolfger, virginia does have “shall issue” permits for concealed carry, but also allows open carry without permit. the school however has a regulation barring firearms on campus, including concealed carry permit holders, and had recently, in 2006 successfully fought against a bill in the state legislature that would have overturned that ban. it’s impossible to say whether a citizen with a legally permitted gun might have stopped the shooter but it could have evened the odds a bit. personally i plan to continue to carry my m1911a1 .45 as i have for many years and hope i never need to use it in such circumstances.

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