Meeting the challenge

I got a challenge yesterday to blog about this. No problem. While I haven’t really been paying attention to this whole ruckus, it’s gotten so big I can’t ignore it. Now I think Michelle Malkin (a minority woman, by the way) has got it right. How can we lambaste Imus when a young black rapper can make millions saying the same sort of thing? Snoop Dogg is dismissive of the idea, but that’s just a bullshit double standard. I don’t buy the “we can say it but you can’t” argument most people bring, and Snoop’s similar argument (that the girls he raps about don’t deserve respect, but the college girls do) is bullshit too. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect until they prove they don’t deserve it.

So why did Imus get fired? Let’s check the top 3 raps songs Michelle mentioned as being on the charts this week:

“This is Why I’m Hot”: 6 nigga’s, 1 bitch’s, 0 ho’s, 0 nappy’s
“I’m a Flirt”: 4 nigga’s, 1 bitch’s, 2 ho’s, 0 nappy’s
“Go Getta”: 0 nigga’s, 4 bitch’s, 0 ho’s, 0 nappy’s
Don Imus: 0 nigga’s, 0 bitch’s, 1 ho’s, 1 nappy’s

So a statistical analysis shows that if he’d called them “nigga bitches” instead of “nappy hoes”, he’d have gotten a raise instead of getting fired. Right? I mean, the more “nigga” and “bitch” in your lyrics, the higher up the charts you get. And nobody gets away with saying “nappy”. Damn.

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