President Bush helps Kim Jong Il finance nuclear weapons

What is a bigger threat to national security: North Korea getting nuclear weapons, or Islamic militias in Ethiopia?
I may not be a foreign affairs expert, but I would have to say that North Korea is a much bigger threat to our country. The Bush administration thinks otherwise. Despite urging the United Nations to implement strict trade sanctions on North Korea, the U.S. allowed Ethiopia to purchase arms from North Korea. The rationale here is that Ethiopia is dealing with Islamic militias in its own country, and America has a policy of “combating religious extremists”. Of course, I’ve not seen America fight against any Buddhist extremists, or Christian extremists, so let’s be frank here: We have a policy of fighting Islamic extremists. Yes, it’s prejudiced, but it’s the truth. So in order to keep Islam out of Ethiopia, we pave the way for North Korea to spend more money to get nukes, which they will most likely wind up using if they get them during Kim Jong Il’s reign.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, as the administration has made counterterrorism its top foreign policy concern, the White House has sometimes shown a willingness to tolerate misconduct by allies that it might otherwise criticize, like human rights violations in Central Asia and antidemocratic crackdowns in a number of Arab nations.

It gets better. The USA gives millions of dollars of aid to Ethiopia. Ethiopa uses this money, at least in part, to buy weapons from North Korea. In 2001, Ethiopia spent an estimated 20 million dollars on arms from North Korea. How much of that was our tax dollars, going straight into the “axis of evil”? And we continue to fund them, and continue to allow them to give that money to a dictator who hates our guts and seeks nuclear capability, right up into 2007. What the hell is going on here?

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