On the no-fly list? I can only hope…

I read today a sensational article about Walter F. Murphy – a professor from Princeton, former U.S. Marine, and decorated war veteran – being put on the no-fly list because of his vocal opposition to President Bush. I’m not sure what frightens me more: the allegation that our government would punish dissenters by labeling them as potential threats to the country, or the fact that I find this quite believable. In fact, the only part of the story I don’t believe is the part where an airline official supposedly acknowledges that this is why the professor is on the list. Well, that and I have a bit of trouble believing they actually let him on the plane after showing his credentials to the TSA authority. I don’t see it as a purely bad thing, though. I mean, I really would rather not go on any more business trips. If the government finds out who I am and adds me to the no-fly list, that seems like a pretty solid excuse to me. Only “local” travel from now on.

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