Misuse of educational funds

A new bill has been proposed, and is being considered by the House Education and Labor committee. I’m unable to read the bill for myself due to GovTrack being down (probably due to the influx of traffic from Slashdot), but both Slashdot (against the bill) and the RIAA (for the bill) agree that the purpose of the bill is to use Federal education funds to fight music piracy. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a severe misuse of tax dollars to me. Dollars earmarked for education need to go to actual education, and not some “big business” crusade. The RIAA is a millionaire’s club. They can afford to spend their own money fighting piracy. In fact, they do. In this case, by lining the pockets of politicians who propose and support legislation like this. So if you’re in school, or if you have children in school, or if you might someday have children in school, or if you’re just tired of corporate America taking advantage of you, please write your representatives (or better yet, call) and let them know how you feel.

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