In an octupus’ garden

Okay, I know this is probably 2 or 3 kinds of environmentally unfriendly, but it’s cool as all get out, and I’d love to have one. Personal submarines are one of those awe-inspiring ideas that have been floating around (pardon the pun) since I was a kid and they advertised that submarine in the comic books (which I never bought, but I imagine it was made of cardboard). Well, these beauties are definitely not made of cardboard. In fact, I see things on the hull which look suspiciously like (but disappointingly, I’m sure, are not) torpedo tubes. I would love to spend a day cruising around underwater, exploring things most folks never get a chance to see.

Of course, at the same time, I’d never want to see them get too popular, or we’ll have underwater collisions and other stupid things that stupid people inevitably do (I’m picturing somebody getting stuck in a bed of seaweed and either dying there or drowning in a botched escape attempt).

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