This is Sparta! (sorta)

Went and saw 300 this weekend at the Imax theater. Wow. This movie definitely benefits from “The Imax Experience”. The cinematography is spectacular, and the effects are superb. Having the gigantic screen to splash it up on really puts the viewer right into the action. If I had waited to rent it on DVD, I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked this movie nearly as much, but I loved it.

To enjoy this movie properly, you simply need to get over the idea that it’s historical. It’s not. It’s mythological, just based on a true story (as many good myths are). As a mythological movie, 300 is wonderful. If you’re looking to it for historical value, you’ll be counting up a lot of flaws. Starting with the lack of armor. In the movie, Spartans dress in sandals, loincloths, and cloaks, and that’s about it. The girls in the audience drooled. I felt serious envy. I want abs like these guys have. Each of these actors had to do an incredible amount of exercise to prepare for this movie, and it left them all with “I can get any woman I want” bodies. Serious incentive for any guy who’s already thinking of taking up exercise to lose weight.

The soundtrack was good as well, but not overly memorable. Nothing so recognizable as the Imperial Death March from Star Wars, but it did its job and controlled the pace of the movie, got the blood pumping in advance of the battles.

The acting was… well… secondary to the action. Gerard Butler did a good job at making speeches and yelling defiantly and all, but let’s face it: when your movie is based entirely upon a battle, there’s not much room for Oscar winning performances.

Overall, I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars, grading based on the type of movie it is meant to be. Minor deduction for some glaring errors (like the narrator saying the wolf’s eyes glowed red, when the CGI wolf on the screen has glowing yellow eyes) . This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie that you should see on as big a screen as possible.

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